Single family homes Large mansion in Hainichen Germany for sale

Short Overview

Welcome to the well endowed town of Hainichen (Saxony), known not only for the not so great deadly tornado that ripped through the town in 1880, its historic mass production of flannels (You heard correctly) and also it sounds like a great Beer, so you'll definitely never forget the towns name.

We will no doubt have a lot of enquiries for the property. Huge 440SQM!

All facts aside, you'll find the amazing camera obscura in the town is just fascinating. Built in 1883 and slowly degrading due to it being made out of wood, the structure was rebuilt, this time in stone, in 1983, although it looks a lot older. There is only a few camera obscura's left in thr world. A camera obscura is a darkened room with a small hole or lens at one side through which an image is projected onto a wall or table opposite the hole. The camera obscura was used to study eclipses without the risk of damaging the eyes by looking directly into the sun. As a drawing aid, it allowed tracing the projected image to produce a highly accurate representation, and was especially appreciated as an easy way to achieve proper graphical perspective. Now you and your visitors can view the Hainichen camera obscura at your leisure.

The property offered for sale today has 6 apartments, basement and parking for residents. This property is freehold, sold direct with no middlemen and no commission. You get the entire building, land, the whole works.

Hainichen has a communal sports centre with an indoor pool, an outdoor swimming pool and a ten pin bowling centre, for sports junkies, there is also a cycling track nearby.

Other important sights are the Gellert museum (literature museum), Tuchmacherhaus (clothier museum) and a there is a great park for all the family. Hainichen is surrounded by the beautiful valley, straddling the river Striegis.

Practically (If you're not into pinholes, speed cycling and winter swims outdoors) then you can go shopping.

The town hosts a train station, netto supermarket, Edeka supermarket, Bank, church, Esso service station and Aldi (Known for its poor quality copies of well known brands, stick to Edeka and Netto!). Dont like Edekka and a supermarket that sounds like a gambling establishment, then visit Lidl, this truly is a town with plenty of grocery choice.

So whats not to love about this place. A massive property, great central location and huge potential. You'll need to get down and dirty with this one, its a property requiring extensive renovation, but the rewards will be worth it. The property is sold as is with no warranties, we have priced it to reflect this.

And the grand finale:
The ceo of Heineken, Bud and Carlsberg go into a bar. The bartender asks them what they want to drink. The ceo of Carlsberg says, give me a Carlsberg. The ceo of Bud says, give me a Bud light. The ceo of Heineken hesitates and orders a glass of water. They ask him, why did you order water? He replies, well if you guys are not ordering beer, I won't either. The moral of the story, there's only one Hainichen, lets drink to that!


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