.de and .eu domains Brexit and consequences

After the UK left the EU in January 2021, British companies and individuals were no longer allowed to purchase or own .de domains, .eu domains and others from most countries within the EU.

UK owners with no presence in any EU countries were not allowed to renew their domain names. As well as our Germany UG and GMBH formation service, we also offer a mailing address that can be used for registering EU, .DE and other European Union domain names. This is not a postal service, however we will scan and email up to 2 letters per year relating to the domain names, any other mail will be discarded or forwarded to the owner at the cost of €5 per item.

You can order the service, all you need is a photograph or scan of a government issued ID and scan of household bill, these will be discarded (Deleted) as soon as they have been verified. The cost of the annual service to register EU domains is €30 per year. Once paid you will receive the address in which you can use during registration of the domains.

The rule on domain registration for British citizens is "An organisation, business or undertaking that is established in the EU/EEA". So providing you have business in the EU, then you may register one. The only other requirement is to have a Germany (Or other EU) address to register the domain.


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